surgical procedures

surgical procedures

local professionals are involved in training programmes

local professionals are involved in training programmes

“Our surgical missions bring joy and smiles to the young faces of our children. I thank you and urge Emergenza Sorrisi to continue its humanitarian activities, in Benin and all of Africa. My country owes you a lot and will always give a warm welcome.”


Projects in Libya
“Health Care Assistance to migrants and Libyan population (LIBIA/11273/03)
Emergency Support to migrants and hosting communities in Janzour and Gharyan areas (LIBIA/11242/05)

Emergenza Sorrisi has been working in Libya since January 2018 with the aim to provide medical assistance to migrants living in detention centres and to Libyan population with the support of Italian Agency of Development Cooperation.

The project has also provided health care assistance to migrants living in these detention centres and to hosting population through a Libyan medical staff. The medical staff has been updated in emergency topics as infectious diseases and Psychiatry of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD).

emergenza sorrisi ilary blasi

Ilary Blasi

Testimonial for Emergenza Sorrisi

“I feel close to the children who suffer, and don’t smile for many reasons. The volunteer Doctors for Emergenza Sorrisi change the future for many of these children, but they need our help in order to do this. With a small donation we can give a new life to these children far away, who will warm our hearts with their thanks”

emergenza sorrisi marie


Samuel’s Mother, Benin

““When Samuel was born his Father abandoned us, he left because he couldn’t accept the humiliation of having a son with a disfigured face: “it’s a curse”, he said. I was alone and desperate, I was going mad and believed that getting rid of my son would be the only answer.

emergenza sorrisi agnese


Volunteer and Supporter

“I know what binds me to Emergenza Sorrisi: it’s passion. It’s inside me, under my skin, you can see it in my eyes and you sense it when I talk, I know this by now and my aim is to convince people that everyone can donate money and time, not just those who are better off. In fact, I believe that in a moment of crisis such as this

You can help us to rewrite the future for thousands of children. You can do it now.


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